Poena Excess is a design studio, production house, think tank and international, publicly traded corporation currently based out of Detroit, Michigan.

Since its inception in spring 2018, Poena Excess has received international acclaim. It was named by Vogue as ‘Top New Designer’ while WWD has praised its innovation and deemed Poena Excess the ‘designer to follow for the next decade.’ Poena Excess was recently listed in Forbes Magazine’s ‘Top 30 Innovative Businesses Today’. 

Poena Excess produces wearables inspired by its love-hate relationship with culture. True to its name, Poena Excess, diversifies itself from other fashion houses by shirking the mainstream and existing in the excess. It is galvanized by society’s overflow:  the dark and the desolate, the odd and the obscure.

Poena Excess is designed not to be consumed but consummated.

4859 (Detroit, MI)
Dover Street Market (New York City)
7- Eleven (worldwide)